We accept applications throughout the year

Why Us?

Our curriculum offers breadth and depth. Our teachers set high standards.

Our dedicated PIS teachers and staff will help your child to achieve their best academically, but also to understand and respect different cultures, races, creeds and values. We offer an excellent standard of teaching from Early Years to DP for older students. Our curriculum offers breadth and depth; it captures the imagination, provides problem solving opportunities, risk-taking and invites independent research. Our teachers set high standards, encouraging students to question, debate and explain. We are shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

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We accept applications throughout the year

We are delighted that you are considering PIS for your child’s education. The best way to experience our school is to visit us, but whilst our campus is closed, we are offering a personalized 1-1 Virtual Discovery Meeting, so please let us know your availability and we’ll do our best to accommodate you. We are looking forward to answering all of your questions and welcoming your family to our school.

Enrollment Requirements

Admission Policy 2023/2024 Princeton International School Admission is Open!

PIS strives to build a consistent, challenging and safe learning environment that supports each child in exploring his full potentials …
Our Admission Policy is to offer admission to students of the highest intellectual potentials, irrespective of social, racial or religious considerations.

Admission Process:

The admissions team is pleased to welcome you every day from Sunday to Thursday from 9h:00 am to 1h:30pm. Applications for the new school year 2023/2024 are open since 1st of November, and processed until 30th of January.

For the processing of the files, we will take into account the order of registration.

We remain at your disposal for further information.

The following is a description of the steps for the admission of your children to the Princeton School:

1- Complete the Online application carefully. Within 24 hours you will receive an email confirming receipt of your application.

For all classes, the policy of our school is that we refer to the birth date of your child, as well as his or her level of acquisition in the previous class.

2- We will set a date for you to meet our admissions team and to visit our school. On this day, your child will be evaluated. For kindergarteners, we use a program recognized worldwide, based on an assessment in the areas of language, motor skills and concepts. For elementary, middle and high school, students must pass assessments in different subjects (English or French & Maths).

3- We request that you bring the following on the day of your appointment:

Computerized birth certificate of the child (Original and copy).
3 recent identity photos of the child not older than 6 months.
Certificate of vaccinations (Original and copy).
Doctor’s certificate for vision and hearing.
Copy of parents ID.
1 identity photo of the parents.
Report of your child’s behavior from his/her current school/daycare.
Your child’s last two report cards (for PYP, MYP and DP students) for American or IB departments.
* Please obtain the documents as soon as you fill the online application so that you have them on hand the day of the appointment. We require all documents to continue the admission procedure.

4- If the assessment results are favorable and full eligibility criteria met, you will be invited to a meeting with the School Principal organized by the admissions office.

Both parents must mandatory attend this meeting. Subsequently, in a very short time, we will communicate the final decision based on availability of places: either as admitted or placed on the waiting list.

5- If your child is accepted, we request that you pay the enrollment fees within three days after the final admissions decision.

We wish to inform you that placement position on the waiting list is based on the evaluation results and eligibility criteria related to the philosophy and image of the school, with priority given to children who already have sibling in the school.

However, no quantification of the list is performed. Your child will be on a waiting list until a place for him is available.

We are at your disposal for any further information.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at:

Tel: 01061061113/ 01033270555 / 01091497999/ 01060777566

Mail: admission@ princetoninternationalschool .net / Students.affairs@ princetoninternationalschool .net

PIS: Locked Fees + Discount of 10% for Admission of 2023/2024

Admission Age in October 1st 2023 (American & IB)

Assessment result will be based on the following:

  1. Age (original birth certificate is required for early years applicants).
  2. Assessment Score.
  3. An acceptable Parents’ Interview.
  4. An acceptable report from the previous school (upper grades) including positive comments on their behavior and academic level.

Admission Procedures:

Fill in an application form with all the required data.
An interview and an assessment appointment will be determined by the admission office.
Within 4 working days from the assessment, parents will receive a call from the admission office with a feedback about the assessment and the interview result.
After acceptance , tuition fees are to be paid in three installments:
40 % before 1st of August
30 % before 1St of November
30 % before 1st of February
-Book fees to be paid by 15Th of July.
-Bus Fees to be paid on 2 Installments: (Preceded by filling bus application form in the admission office )
50% by 15Th of July
50% by 15th of November

Required Documents for the Admission Process : (Part 1)

Original Computerized Birth Certificate.
A photocopy of the father’s ID/passport for foreigners.
A Photocopy of the mother’s ID/passport for foreigners.
6 recent personal-size photographs.
Applicant’s behavior reference letter.
Medical report.
Copy of vaccination card.

Additional Documents Required for Students Transferring within Egypt:

In case your child is transferring from a school within Egypt, you are required to submit all the above mentioned documents in addition of the following:
School Transfer request (four papers original and stamped from Educational zone and your child’s previous school) stating the name of the school transferring to (for upper grades)
Pass statement from the Educational Zone related to previous school (for upper grades)
Enrollment Statement from the Educational Zone related to previous school (KG2 & Grade1)

Additional Documents Required for Students Transferring from Abroad:

In case your child is transferring from a school outside Egypt, you are required to present all the documents mentioned in part 1 in addition to the following:
Previous years school reports
Reports must be stamped from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Documentation Office) and the Egyptian Consulate Outside
Obtaining an admission letter from the Ministry of Education (Department of Private Education) for Egyptian and foreign Students

Please note:

Required documentation should be submitted to the admission office to ensure the student’s place.
Parent should agree to present all the above mentioned documents and to pay the required installments and deposits promptly as requested otherwise his son/daughter cannot be considered registered in PIS.

Payment Policy

Securing a place

When offered a place, the parent or company immediately pays the required registration fee within one week of the registration offer or the seat may be offered to another candidate.

Withdrawal by parent / guardian

If a parent / guardian wishes to remove a child from the College for any reason, that parent / guardian must provide a written notice of withdrawal to the College:
– no later than October 15 for withdrawal or at any time during term 2 of the school year; no later than January 31 for withdrawal or at any time during the third period of the school year; or before May 1 for a withdrawal at the end of term 3 of the school year or any time in term 1 of the following school year. If a written notice of withdrawal is given to the school during a statutory holiday, it will be deemed to have been received by the school on the first day of the session following the holiday.


Princeton International School does not provide refunds for registration fees or bus costs.

Presence conditional on full payment

The parent / guardian agrees that a student’s right to start or continue classes in the school is conditional upon full payment of the tuition fees for each term and any other fees for which the parent / guardian is responsible. The parent / guardian must take full responsibility for ensuring that payment is made in full, that tuition and other fees are paid by the parent / guardian or employer of one of the parents / guardians.

Administration fees for late payment

If the parent / guardian does not pay any type of fees or charges due to the school on time, a late administration fee of 5% will be imposed for each week of late payment. However, these administration fees will not apply if a late payment arrangement has been made with the College before the deadline for payment of the applicable fees or charges.

Exclusion for non-payment

In addition to any fees that may be imposed, the school reserves the right to exclude a student whose parents / guardians do not pay the full tuition fee or any other amount for which a parent / guardian is responsible within the payment period. which is indicated on the invoice. The school may also withhold any information, character reference or property in the above-mentioned circumstances. If the above circumstances persist or if there is no reasonable prospect of payment by a parent / guardian, the school reserves the right to withdraw the student. Without prejudice to the rights of the school, the school strives to take reasonable measures to ensure that such an act does not cause direct, identifiable and unjust prejudice to the rights and legitimate interests of the student.