People of Determination (SEN)

PIS People of Determination Community

In these days of inclusive education, we are all teachers of learners with learning difficulties. Across the PIS family of school we all work hard to support these students with SEN to make good progress, and technology means that we can even make it possible for children and young people with significant difficulties to have full access to the curriculum. However, not everyone feels as confident with this area of their teaching as they would like to so. The People of determination Community in PIS is a great way for all SEN and Learning Support teachers to share information and resources and ask questions.

The role of the Learning Support specialist can be a lonely one as we are often small departments with sometimes only a single staff member. The PIS SEN is a way for us to work collaboratively and feel less isolated in our work. Across our school we have a wealth of SEN experience and we do some amazing collaborative work in many fields. It would be great to expand this into PIS where so many of our learners would benefit!

We can expect that approximately 15% of our students will have a learning difficulty, and so we are all teachers of people of determination to some degree.

By our very nature we are an inclusive lot in the world of SEN and that includes with our colleagues, and the spirit is open to anyone with an interest in this field or who is looking for advice.

At PIS we have been striving to continue to offer our full Learning Support provision via Virtual School and have been able to support those students who are finding this significant change to their learning style difficult to manage.

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