Early learners unite to celebrate Egyptian culture and tradition.
At the PIS, we gather to pay homage to and wholeheartedly appreciate the opulent tapestry of Egyptian culture and traditions. These elements are instrumental in shaping shared identities. Join us, as we commemorate Mouled Al-Nabi, is a profoundly significant cultural and religious celebration deeply rooted in Egyptian heritage and context. Together, we celebrate the beauty of our cultural heritage.”
Princeton International School celebrated the Prophet’s birthday. The students presented the morning boroadcast about the Prophet, his morals, and the importance of following his teachings.
يا مولدًا قد حوى عزًا وإقبالًا
بطلعته يبلغ المشتاق آمالًا
نهنئكم بالذكرى العطرة لمولد النبي المجتبى والحبيب المصطفى. ندعوا الله أن يحشرنا في زمرته ويوردنا حوضه ويرزقنا شفاعته ان شاء الله تعالى