In solidarity with Palestine

بناء على التعليمات الواردة من وزارة التربية والتعليم، والتوجيهات الرئاسية بشأن التضامن مع القضية الفلسطينية، أعلنت إدارة مدرسة برينستون الدولية الحداد لمدة ثلاثة أيام مع تنكيس العلم في ساحة المدرسة.لقد وقف جميع الطلاب والمدرسين والعاملين بالمدرسة صمتًا لمدة دقيقة حدادًا على أرواح شهداء فلسطين.كذلك تم أداء صلاة الغائب على أرواح الشهداء والدعاء لأهل فلسطين.اللهم آمن […]

6 October Day Of Dignity

EG Celebrating the pride of our nation! Princeton International School students come together to commemorate the victory of the 6th of October. A day of unity, strength, and national pride. EG https://www.princetoninternationalschool.net/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/GHNLFBc_NAb2IyIDAMhUjLj7WdRsbmdjAAAF.mp4

Prophet Muhammad birthday celebration

Early learners unite to celebrate Egyptian culture and tradition.At the PIS, we gather to pay homage to and wholeheartedly appreciate the opulent tapestry of Egyptian culture and traditions. These elements are instrumental in shaping shared identities. Join us, as we commemorate Mouled Al-Nabi, is a profoundly significant cultural and religious celebration deeply rooted in Egyptian […]

MYP Funday

Snapshots of our MYP Studnets on their first day back to school at Princeton international school.The Studnets enjoyed a lot of team building activities that helped them mingle with each other.Followed by in class orientation for school’s policies and regulation and ended by setting goals for the new academic year.We are excited to witness what […]

The First Day Of School 2023/2024

The first day of school is a complex mix of emotions for the parents. It brings with it the benefits of routine, growth, and opportunities for self-care, but it can also be an emotional day, marked by the passage of time and parental concerns. Ultimately, this day signifies the ongoing journey of parenting and the […]

PYP Funday

Welcoming PYP Students to Princeton International School!What an incredible day it has been as we warmly embraced our dear students to their first day at our amazing school! From exciting games and activities to laughter and new friendships, it was a day filled with joy and endless fun! To make this milestone even more special, we […]

CAS Event

An unforgettable day filled with sharing and joy alongside the children from the orphanage!We take pride in our DP students who orchestrated an extraordinary CAS event on Thursday, September 14th. They warmly embraced the children from the orphanage for a day brimming with laughter and games, but there’s more to the story! Driven by the belief […]